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Aaron Kc Hsu

Software Engineer, Product Lover, and Dreamer

Video Game + Product Design

Designed and released over ten products and games with some applications reaching over 100,000 users per week and receiving 100,000 downloads on the Android and Apple store.

Cloud Architecture Engineer

Securely built and deployed scalable apps from the ground up using Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, and Digital Ocean.

Business Strategy & Leadership

Started a game studio in college leading a team of 6 people. Went on to create https://blerp.com. A platform for people to find, share, and create audio memes. A growing database of over 200,000 sounds for you to access via your favorite devices to enhance your communications and interactions.

Integration Product Engineer

Created software integrations for all the top platforms including FB Messenger, Discord, Slack, Twitch, Amazon Alexa, Android, iOS, and Google Home.